Preparing Your Staff for CPR Training

In an earlier blog post, we mentioned important reasons to offer your people CPR training in Illinois. Preparing employees for this valuable training can make it more effective and they will appreciate the classes. It may even save someone’s life. Here are some helpful tips on preparing them for training.

Give Them A Little Background Information

Not everyone understands what cardiopulmonary resuscitation is. Here is information you can share with them:

CPR combines artificial respiration with chest compression therapy. It gives needed oxygen to a non-breathing person while stimulating the heart to pump blood to the brain. When properly done, it can revive some people or keep them alive until an emergency response team shows up.

What Will They Learn?

Your staff probably wants to know what they can learn with CPR training in Illinois. Here are some of the things the course covers:

  • Checking an unresponsive person for signs of life
  • Learning how to properly deliver chest compressions – this is extremely important to avoid breaking ribs and to deliver an effective heart massage.
  • The proper way to deliver mouth-to-mouth resuscitation – if you don’t know what you are doing, you can waste valuable time.


A CPR certification class usually takes one day. During that day, you receive comprehensive training and key points you will need to know. You will also learn about giving first aid. Your staff will not have to travel anywhere as Getz instructors can come to your place of business. This is the best way to make sure everyone can attend, and it is easier to learn when your people are in a familiar environment.

Training includes instruction, video, and hands-on training. You will not just see how it’s done. You work with real-life situations to prepare you for real-life emergencies. To learn more about CPR training in Illinois and Iowa, call Getz Fire Equipment Company today at 1-800-747-3473.