Restaurant Fire Suppression | How It Works

If you own a restaurant, you understand the importance of safety protocols for your establishment. Having your employees trained in the use of fire-safety devices and equipment is highly important. Maintaining this equipment and keeping it clean is another important aspect of fire safety as well. One important feature of fire safety is restaurant fire suppression. At Getz Fire Equipment, we can help you ensure your fire suppression system is in proper working order to protect human life and property.

Fire Suppression System Operation

In many restaurants, fire suppression systems are initiated by a fusible link, which is a mechanical device having two metal pieces connected together by the means of a special alloy that melts when a specific temperature is reached. As the link melts the alloy, it loses its connection and initiates the dispersion of fire extinguishing material designed to quash a fire.

A reliable restaurant fire suppression system can stop the flow of fuel from making it to gas-fired equipment in the kitchen. This shut-off of the fuel flow prevents more combustible gas from reaching the fire, and reduces the threat of an explosion. These systems are highly effective and can quench flames that rise up in the kitchen in a matter of seconds. They are designed to stop the spread of conflagrations that can threaten not only kitchen equipment in the building itself, but also human life.

Fire Quashing Agents

Kitchens today utilize fire suppression equipment that spread chemical extinguishing substances over hot cooking oil. Upon contact, a soapy layer develops on the surface of the oil. The oil cools down and due to the contact with the chemical extinguishing agent, and is disconnected from the source of oxygen it requires to sustain a flame, thus quenching the fire. The wet chemical agent applied also prevents the oil from reigniting.

Restaurant exhaust hoods have fire suppression systems built into them. These restaurant fire suppression systems consist of nozzles that are directed at specific locations on equipment in the kitchen to effectively combat potential fires that may erupt. They also effectively protect hood plenums and ducts that are vulnerable to fire due to the accumulation of grease.

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