Restaurant Fire Systems | A Dependable Solution for Fire Suppression

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we specialize in the supply and delivery of highly reliable fire suppression systems. We retain over 100 specialists who understand fire protection issues, products, and services. These individuals are able to meet our clients’ needs, and ensure that their facilities are adhering to all local, state and federal code requirements. Restaurant fire systems are included in these requirements as well. Our team strives to stay on top of all that is happening in the fire protection industry in order to serve you at the highest level.

Kitchen Fires

Fires can occur in the most unexpected scenarios. However in a restaurant kitchen, it should be expected that the possibility exists for a fire to occur. As such, action should be taken in advance to prevent the possible scenarios in which a fire could ignite and spread out of control. If such a fire does get out of control it can potentially burn down an entire building.

Some of the most serious fires that occur begin with the ignition source of high-performance cooking oils. These oils are used at very high temperatures and can create a very deadly inferno. Due to these potential dangers it’s important to have highly reliable restaurant fire systems installed that can mitigate these potential threats.

Fire Suppression Solutions

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we help our clients protect their customers, employees, and others, as well as the equipment and building structures they own. Through the application of effective fire protection systems, which include fire alarms, the elements in the kitchen that can contribute to a fire such as ventilating hoods, ducts and other elements can be properly addressed.

Some of the manual and automatic solutions that we provide with our systems include:

  • Reliable alarm activation
  • Wet chemical discharge
  • Fuel shutoff
  • Rapid detection

Our restaurant fire systems possess automatic activation and detection capabilities. They also have manual discharge functions that involve the shutdown of fuel supply, activation of alarms, and wet chemical agent discharge. We are factory trained and certified to install and service Buckeye, Ansul, and Range Guard systems. Contact us today: 800-747-3473.