The Basics and Importance of a Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Many types of vehicles in the construction industry have engines and components that can produce intense heat. With this heat, there is always the potential to ignite a fire that can damage the equipment, or even put the lives of those operating these vehicles at risk. If you are looking to minimize your risk of a fire, the installation of a vehicle fire suppression system from Getz Fire Equipment Co. is your best option.

Choosing the Right Fire Suppression System

Through the installation of a fire suppression system, fires on heavy mobile equipment can be detected fast and put out quickly, minimizing potential damage. We are able to provide you with the perfect vehicle fire suppression system you need to protect your on-road and off-road vehicles used in mining, construction, forestry, and waste industries.

Liquid Systems

Liquid fire suppression systems are able to suppress conflagrations and also cool the parts that have ignited combustible materials. When applied to the fire and combustibles, the liquid can absorb into the combustibles, minimizing any risk of re-ignition. With the combination of fire suppression and cooling, these systems are popular among businesses.

Dual Agent Suppression Systems

Dual fire suppression systems include a liquid tank and a dry tank. The dry tank contains powder that is able to quickly quench a fire. The cool liquid is applied to components, saturating combustibles in order to prevent their re-ignition.

Fire Suppression for Small Vehicles

It is important to keep all of your equipment protected. It only takes a small fire on a mobile construction vehicle to cause damage, downtime, and financial loss.

At Getz Fire Equipment Co., we have the knowledge, experience, products, and services to provide you with the vehicle fire suppression system you need for your application. Our team can advise you on the optimum system that provides maximum safety for human life and vehicle protection.

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