The Halon Fire Extinguisher to Help Protect Your Iowa Business

If you have sensitive and possibly expensive electronic or electrical equipment within your facility, such as computer systems and lab equipment, you may benefit significantly from having one or more Halon fire extinguisher units on hand. As a business that requires effective fire suppression measures to be in place, it important to have the right firefighting equipment on hand. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you with the best advice on the proper use of these extinguishers. These extinguishers can effectively smother Class B, Class C, and even sometimes Class A fires. The Halon gas contained within these extinguishers works effectively because it is pressurized nitrogen gas. As the mixture dispels, it turns into a vapor and provides clear visibility to your target without the need to endure a static or cold shock as you dispense the material.

Fire Extinguishing Effectiveness

The power of a Halon fire extinguisher is remarkable, in that it defeats the triple threat of fuel, oxygen, and heat that work together to increase a fire’s intensity level. When you use a Halon extinguisher, you defeat this “fire triangle”. In addition, the gas is electrically non-conductive, making it effective for combating electrical fires.


Superbly effective in extinguishing fires that occur in the aircraft industry, the Halon fire extinguisher can provide excellent benefits to the aviation, electronics, and manufacturing industries in order to suppress electrical fires that may occur within facilities. Halon extinguishers utilize an agent that does not produce residue that could potentially damage a company’s assets when treated during a fire.

Current Halon Supply

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency has banned Halon production, current supplies of this gas and its use in new Halon fire extinguishers is allowed. If you’re looking to improve the fire protection capabilities of your facility in relation to effective suppression of electrical fires, contact our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company for more information about our services.