The Importance of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Iowa

Your commercial kitchen operation must meet stringent standards in Iowa. For example, kitchen exhaust cleaning is vital for safety and efficiency. There are many companies for you to choose from for this job. However, Getz Fire Equipment Company helps you in many ways. The following are several reasons to consider us for your needs.

Limit Downtime

Without regular kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, your food service business cannot stay in operation. It wouldn’t take long to violate both safety and fire codes as your staff is dealing with greasy buildup in the exhaust system and all over the kitchen. When you use a professional cleaning service like Getz, you have proof your system has been properly cleaned.

Exhaust System Inspections

What happens if a belt breaks on your exhaust fan? Your commercial kitchen must shut down until someone can fix the problem. Getz offers inspections to help prevent these things from happening. If we notice you need a new fan belt, we’ll replace it before it breaks. We also adjust belts and make sure fan motors are properly lubricated so they last longer and give you better performance.

Fire Prevention

Getz kitchen exhaust cleaning in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois lessens the chance for kitchen fires in your place of business. We also offer Omni containment. Omni is a specialized grease containment system for your roof. It prevents grease from saturating your roofing, and this lowers your risk of roof fires.

Cleaner and Healthier Work Environment

When your kitchen ventilation system stays fresh and clean, the air is easier to breathe. This creates a safer work environment for everyone in the kitchen and lowers the chances for respiratory irritations, allergies, colds, and other problems. Call Getz today at 1-800-747-3473 to see what we can do for you.