The Quick Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

There are several reasons why the kitchen can be a major fire hazard. Open flames, extreme heat, flamible grease, fats, and oils, and constant movement within a confined space make this space exceptionally accident-prone, and dangerous if not equipped with the proper fire safety equipment. That’s where Getz Fire comes in. We offer restaurants in Illinois and Iowa the very best names in restaurant fire suppression systems, including ANSUL, Amerex and Badger. Our team of experts can provide professional advice on which system is right for your needs, along with certified installation services. To help you in your research and purchasing decision, here is a quick overview of how restaurant fire suppression systems work to continuously protect you and your coworkers.

Spray Nozzles

Likely their first part you notice in a restaurant fire suppression system, the spray nozzles are mounted above burners, grills, ovens, and friers to immediately spray a chemical agent when a fire is detected. Through an temperature sensor such as a fuse link, an automatic release mechanism actuates the system to release a pressurized chemical suppression agent on the flames. This suppression agent has a foam-like consistency that does not contain any water, and is formulated specifically for food-based fire hazards. Once applied, this fire suppression agent acts quickly to form a thick foam covering that cuts off oxygen and other combustible vapors.

Automatic Gas Line Shut-Off

As soon as the temperature threshhold activates the system, many restaurant fire systems are designed to automatically shut off all fuel supply such as gas lines within the protected space. This helps weaken the fire by shutting off the source of fuel to the appliance and prevent it from spreading. Since the gas used in many gas kitchen applicances is one of the most dangerous and combustible vapors in the space, it makes sense to shut off all burner gaslines as soon as possible.

Hood Vents

Serving a purpose both in the event of a fire, and in everyday cooking, hood vents or grease vents actively ventilate steam, smoke, and heat from the food you are cooking. In the event of a fire, these can help ventilate much of the toxic smoke, and reduce heat—all of which helps put out the flames as quickly as possible. Getz Fire offers both hood vent installation, and cleaning services to our customers throughout Iowa and Illinois.

Invest in the very best in restaurant fire safety systems through Getz Fire Equipment. We are the leading supplier in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, and are proud to offer unmatched selection, quality, and customer service. From purchase to installation – We help you every step of the way. Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.