The Quick Guide to Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Did you know that 50% of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen? While an existing sprinkler system or fire alarm system can help, it can be exceptionally difficult to contain a fire started from oils/grease. In order to truly provide the best levels of protection for your customers and staff, a restaurant fire system may be necessary. At Getz Fire Equipment, we are proud to supply the highest quality restaurant fire suppression systems for customers throughout Illinois and Iowa. Our staff lives and breathes fire safety, and is dedicated to helping you ensure many years of safe restaurant operations.

Full of potential fire hazards, restaurant kitchens require specialized fire suppression equipment to prevent high-strength fires at the source. In order to do this, Getz Fire Equipment installs restaurant fire systems designed specifically for special kitchen hazards like grease fires. Through the use of multiple chemical spray nozzles that extend down from the exhaust hood, these systems spray a specially formulated chemical mixture to suppress any kitchen fires in the area. Additionally, activation of a Getz Fire kitchen fire suppression system will automatically cut off the fuel line for the stove, helping kill the source of the fire and prevent any additional ones from re-igniting.

Preventative restaurant fire systems can help ensure your restaurant and the people in it are protected for many years of successful business. Trust the experts in fire and safety equipment at Getz Fire to help find the perfect restaurant fire suppression system for restaurants in Illinois and Iowa. Want to learn more? Call us at 800.747.3473 or complete our contact form. Our expert staff is happy to help you find the perfect fire safety solution for your needs.