The Ultimate Guide to Special Hazard Fire Protection

While a lot of fires can be extinguished using the universal fire extinguisher found in your home or office, there are special hazards and circumstances that call for different methods of fire suppression, that will not damage equipment or cause a greater hazard or explosion. At Getz Fire, we design, install, and service Carbon Dioxide systems, foam, water mist, dry chemical, and a variety of clean agent suppression systems that are designed to extinguish fire quickly and safely.

By utilizing one of our special hazard fire protection systems, your space will be protected from a variety of unique hazards, such as deep seated fires, flammable liquid or gas fires, electrical fires, or fires that require a dry chemical method of suppression. Some common examples of spaces that would require this added level of fire protection include large computer rooms, fuel storage, museums, hangars, quench tanks, engine rooms, and more.

At Getz Fire equipment, we offer an array of special hazard fire protection equipment to choose from, including specialized fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers. We serve Illinois, Iowa, and other Midwestern states, with over 60 years experience helping keep our communities safe. Over these years, our company has gained a wide breadth of experience that allows us to make the best recommendations for choosing, designing, and installing a special hazard fire protection system. For more information on how we serve Illinois with fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems and more, call us today at 800 747 3473, or visit our website to request a free quote.