The Value of Professional Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

If you want your fire suppression system to work properly when you need it, you should consider frequent maintenance. If a machine breaks down, you lose money from downtime. If your fire sprinklers fail during a fire, you could lose your entire Illinois business, and people might suffer serious injuries. Here are some important reasons to consider professional fire sprinkler inspection services from Getz Fire Equipment Company.

Maintenance – What You Need To Do

Whenever you make changes or improvements to your sprinkler system, it needs an inspection. This is not just recommended, it’s required by NFPA 25. This code from the National Fire Protection Agency sets the standard for maintenance, inspection, and testing of fire protection and suppression systems which are water-based. Here are some of the changes that need fire sprinkler inspection in Illinois:

  • Building use – a factory or warehouse might turn into an apartment building
  • Facility improvements – includes a change of layout or design
  • Addition or subtraction to water supply
  • Water meter replacement
  • Back-flow prevention equipment changes

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Keeping your sprinkler system in good condition can save you money on insurance. In fact, some companies offer rebates for effective fire suppression systems. Savings are sometimes as high as ten percent. On the other hand, if your system has problems and the insurance company finds out, you could be looking at increased premiums.

Safety Tips

In addition to routine maintenance, these tips can help you avoid problems:

  • Don’t hang things from the sprinklers
  • Don’t paint or decorate sprinklers
  • Avoid placing materials close to sprinkler heads
  • Check control valves to make sure they are open

In Illinois, contact a professional fire sprinkler inspection service like Getz Fire Equipment Company at 1-800-747-3473. We can take care of all your fire suppression needs.