What are fire alarm systems?

Fire alarm systems are groups of electronic devices that work together, primarily, to notify building occupants to evacuate upon threat of fire, and, secondarily, to alert first responders to extinguish or contain the fire, and to assist in evacuation.

The essential components of a fire alarm system are the signaling appliances that provide both audible and visible indication of a fire event throughout a facility. These notification systems can be manually activated, and can also commonly incorporate automatic fire detection, such as smoke and heat detectors.

Fire alarm systems are designed and customized specifically to accommodate each facility, in accordance with national, state, and local laws. Several overlapping factors determine the size and complexity of the system, including building construction type, the use of the facility, the occupant load, and specific hazards within. Risk analysis by professionals guides the design of any fire alarm system.

How often should fire alarm systems be tested?

Fire alarm systems must be fully tested by qualified personnel, and those results documented at least annually. Depending on the facility the system might have to be fully tested twice a year, and some components of it monthly to comply with your local codes. In addition, there are visual inspections that need to be done weekly that can be performed by any responsible person.

Getz Fire Equipment employs qualified personnel that can work with you and your local or state authorities to assist you in determining the best plan for your facility.