What are the Types of Fire and Their Suppression Methods?

When you need to purchase fire extinguishers for your business, it is important to ensure you buy the right type of equipment. Fires fall under different classifications depending on the fuel source involved. Extinguishers are rated according to the types of fires they put out effectively. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can provide you with the information you need about fire extinguishers, including their inspection and maintenance requirements.

Class A

Defined as ordinary combustibles, Class A fires use a fuel source consisting of flammable material. Some of the materials serving as fuel for these fires can include paper, fabric, plastics, trash, and wood. These fires can often be put out with water or monoammonium phosphate.

Class B

A Class B fire has as its fuel source a gas or other flammable liquid. Some of the fuel sources that propel these fires include gasoline, kerosene, propane, butane, and petroleum-based oils and paints. These fires are often quenched by removing oxygen from the fire or applying a chemical reaction.

Class C

Fires that use energized equipment or electrical components as their fuel source are defined as a Class C fire. Electrical fires occur with appliances, motors, and electronic transformers. They can also occur in businesses that have bad wiring or an overloaded surge protector. These fires are put out by using nonconductive chemicals with the power off.

Class D

A Class D fire derives its fuel source from combustible metal such as magnesium, titanium, potassium, and aluminum. They can take place in laboratory environments and in other production and industry processes. A dry powder agent is used to extinguish these fires. The agent absorbs the heat that is required to keep the fire going.

Class K

Cooking fires that occur due to the combustion from liquids used in food preparation are Class K fires. They are fueled from cooking materials such as cooking oils, greases, animal fat, and vegetable fat. Quite often these fires are put out with wet chemical fire extinguishers.

Purchasing the Right Extinguisher

Having the right fire extinguisher to handle a specific type of fire is crucial. Understanding the different classes of fires can help you purchase the right equipment that can protect property and the safety of human lives.

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