What is a Fire Suppression System and How Does it Work?

To pigeonhole the many types of fire suppression systems into one universal definition would be a diservice to the numerous applications these systems serve. Dry chemical systems, CO2 systems, and traditional fire sprinkler systems are just a few of the many fire suppression systems designed for specific applications. Getz Fire supplies some of the very best fire suppression systems from brands like Fike, Ansul, Kidde Fire Systems, and FireTrace. We also have dedicated installation professionals that can help build your system on-site, with custom solutions implemented to best serve your application. Still yet to pinpoint the right fire suppression system for your needs? Let us help clear the air, and lead you to the right choice.

Pre-Action Sprinkler Suppresion Systems

Using water as the fire supression agent, these systems are activated via a glass bulb filled with a glycerin-based liquid. Once this liquid expands from extreme heat, the bulb will burst, and trigger the sprinkler head to release water onto the effected area. This detection system is designed to be triggered when it detects levels of heat only achieved by an open flame. Recent innovations have also brought better control of how the sprinklers are activated—helping prevent unintended water damage in areas unaffected by the fire.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Multiple options available from Fike, Kidde, and Ansul make Getz Fire your top-choice for advanced clean agent fire suppression systems. Ideal for large computer rooms, museums and archives, CNC manufacturing plants, and more—these systems suppress fire, while leaving minimal chemical residue on surrounding equipment. To protect exceptionally expensive items or irreplaceable artifacts and documents, these systems are a worthwhile investment.

Dry Chemical and Foam Systems

Dry chemical and foam-based fire suppression systems are designed for use on flamable liquids, such as oils, paints, and gasoline. These systems work to smother liquid-based fires, without the possibility of spreading the flames through splatter. They work to suffocate the flames from oxygen, eliminating the flames quickly, with minimal media required. Effective, lightweight, and affordable—dry chemical and foam based systems are ideal for liquid fires across many applications.

CO2 Systems 

Applications like gas turbine generators, flammable liquid dip or spray applications, and printing presses require carbon dioxide based fire suppression systems to eliminate any small fires, with no use of chemicals, water, or foam agents. Actively displacing oxygen in a fire with carbon dioxide, these systems work to quickly eliminate flames, and disipate the residual mist from the CO2. This makes it safe for people to enter after the fact, and prevents any damage from happening to equipment unaffected by the flames.

Watermist Systems

Similar to carbon dioxide fire suppression systems, watermist systems work to suppress industrial fires with minimal residue and water damage. Powered through nitrogen or pump based systems that are connected directly to your waterline or a dedicated hold tank, watermist systems offer effective fire suppression, with the addition of a cooling effect when activated. These are ideal choices for hydraulic presses, gas turbines, industrial ovens, and more, and are also a great alternative for pre-action sprinkler suppresion systems.


Getz Fire Equipment is Illinois and Iowa’s top choice for purchasing and installing advanced fire suppression equipment. No matter your unique application, we are sure to have a system that will work for you. Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.