What to Expect During Your ANSUL Service and Inspection

Restaurants and commercial kitchens around the country choose ANSUL restaurant fire systems to protect their staff and customers from the threat of a kitchen fire. Robust systems with advanced engineering put into every aspect of their design and construction, this system relies on a series of spray nozzles, exhaust vents, and gas line shut-off valves that can be applicance-specific, or create a “fire-free” zone that provides overlapping fire protection. This system is highly saught after for its extremely effective ANSULEX low pH fire suppression agent, that allows for easy recharge and clean up should a fire occur. Getz Fire Equipment is your top choice for purchasing, servicing, and inspecting ANSUL restaurant fire equipment. Our staff members are factory authorized to inspect, maintain, and repair these systems, and have years of experience with multiple system configurations. To help you anticipate your routine maintenance requirements, here is a bit of information on what is performed during a service and inspection.

How Often Should I Get My System Serviced?

According to fire code NFPA 96 Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations, all ANSUL fire systems should be inspected and serviced by a trained professional at least every six months. Doing this helps preserve the performance and longevity of your system, and keep you safe. Additionally, you can help preserve the performance of your system between services by routinely cleaning grease build up, using kitchen-certified cleaners on all appliances, and regularly cleaning your exhaust hood filters and ducts.

Inspection Process

They will begin by visually checking all components of the system, making sure nozzles and acccessory applicances are properly fitted. Once this is complete, the technician will test the functionality of micro-switches and shut-off valves, along with the pressure gauges and the reaction of the ANSUL system. Any damage or needed repairs will be noted at this time, and can be scheduled out. A pipe integrity test should also be completed to make sure the piping and nozzles are free of any obstructions. Make sure the technician leaves a proper dated service tag, that includes the future date of your next inspection.

Getz Fire Equipment is dedicated to providing the very best in fire safety equipment, for nearly all commercial and residential applications. For restaurants across Illinois and Iowa, we are your trusted source for ANSUL restaurant fire system inspections and repairs. Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory