What Type of Fire Safety Equipment is Required in Commercial Kitchens?

Given the higher liklihood of fires occuring in a commercial kitchen, there is a specific fire code to ensure every entity is equipped with the proper fire safety equipment. Fire code NFPA 96 requires automatic fire suppression equipment for all grease removal devices, hood exhaust plenums, and exhaust duct systems in a commercial kitchen, as well as any cooking equipment that produces grease-laden vapors. This means that for all restaurants, cafeterias, and other large-scale commercial kitchens, it is necessary to have a professional-grade fire suppression system installed and maintained.

Additionally, the NFPA requires a Class K fire extinguisher be within easy access, with the Class K chemical agent being approved for kitchen fires. To help your business ensure you are meeting the necessary fire safety codes, Getz Fire Equipment supplies advanced kitchen fire suppression systems from names like ANSUL, along with every class of fire extinguisher. We employ over 125 skilled specialists, and work side-by-side with our clients to fulfill their needs and ensure they’re meeting local, state and national fire codes at all times. Still unsure how to configure your fire suppression system for your specific commercial kitchen set-up? Here are some universal tips.

Two Types of Kitchen Fire Systems: Appliance-Specific and Overlapping

The configuration you choose depends largely on how you intend to use your kitchen. Do you plan to add/replace appliances frequently? Rearrange appliances within the space? Any commercial kitchen looking for maximum flexibility should invest in an overlapping system. These create a “fire free” zone that can cover a group of cooking appliances in a given space.

For more permanent kitchen features, an appliance specific system offers the benefit of protecting only on the affected appliance. These systems would require repiping should you reconfigure the appliances, so they are best suited for appliances like kitchen grills, fryers, brick ovens, and other large, permanent appliances in the kitchen. Both appliance specific and overlapping systems utilize spray nozzles installed above the protected area, along with hood vents for

ventilation, and an automatic gas line shut-off feature.

The two most popular systems we offer are the ANSUL R-102 and ANSUL Piranha. The R-102 uses Ansulex, a nearly neutral-pH chemical that is effective against fire while being gentle on your cooking equipment. The Piranha is a hybrid system that uses an extinguishing agent (PRX Liquid Fire Suppressant) plus water to suppress fires with the ability to cool the equipment up to 15 times faster than the R-102. These systems are ideally suited for commercial kitchens in fast food chains, retail food courts, diners, convenience stores, catering facilities, mobile food trucks, hotels and casinos, stadiums, schools, hospitals and more.

Class K Fire Extinguisher

In addition to your kitchen fire suppression system, a class K fire extinguisher is required in any commercial kitchen application. This extinguisher uses chemical suppressants effective on fires started from oils, fats, greases, and food substances. This piece of fire safety equipment is intended to work as a secondary line of defense, and should only be used after the main suppression system has been activated and the gaslines for the cooking equipment have been shut off.

Along with supplying Class K fire extinguishers for purchase, Getz Fire Equipment Company provides certified fire extinguisher training that can help you and your coworkers be prepared should there ever be a small kitchen fire emergency.

Purchase, installation, maintenance, and training services are all offered by Getz Fire Equipment. We strive to be an effective, all-encompassing fire safety equipment company for business across Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. Whether you are opening a new restaurant, or upgrading your commercial kitchen – we can help design, install, and maintain your kitchen fire suppression system. Interested in learnining more? Give us a call us today at 800-747-3473, or check out our website to browse our impressive inventory.