What You Need to Know About Fire Alarm Systems in the Workplace

Many emergencies can happen within a workplace, and the severity may vary upon each working environment. One of the most plausible emergencies, however, is the occurrence of fires. Every company needs to have at least a means of detecting the presence of fire. At Getz Fire, we have some specialized detection products, which can work very well for fire detection in your company.

Although the issue of fire is highly popularized, many companies still do not take the issue by the neck and resolve it for the long haul. Here are a few things to know about our fire alarm systems that will perhaps give you something to ponder as far as employee safety is concerned.

Potential to Save Lives

Our alarm systems are designed to detect the smallest of fires early in their development. This provides more time for all the people in a building to regroup and exit as soon as possible before the situation becomes worse. As such, these alarms have the ability to save lives.

Different Types and Models

Not all alarm systems are the same. This is because we understand that there are different people working in different companies and their structuring may not necessarily be the same. More recently, we introduced the SignFire detector, which includes a specialized camera that tracks the smoke to its source. Aside from this, we also offer a wide variety of specialized detection products which can prove very valuable in fire emergencies.

A Valuable Investment

Lastly, some companies may view fire alarms as yet another expense in their already stretched budget. Compare that with the pressure of dealing with losses worth millions as a result of an avoidable fire incident. When you look at it from that perspective, these systems will indeed prove worth the cost.

At the end of the day, every life is worth the cost, and for this reason, we have committed ourselves to providing safety measures in the workplace in the form of technologically enhanced fire alarm systems for the safety of all personnel and property. We handle installation from start to finish as well as service and inspections, so be sure and contact us about your fire alarm needs.