When Do You Need a Fire Suppression System and How Often Should It Be Inspected?

Fires that start small can quickly become very big if they are not addressed in their earliest stages. Certain locations are more susceptible to fires than others. For instance, within a restaurant, the threat of a fire is most present in the kitchen. Fires can begin around the cooking area and spread to the building’s duct system, leading to potential disaster that destroys an entire structure. However, automatic fire suppression systems can defeat these fires before they get out of control. At Getz Fire Equipment Co., we can help you achieve and maintain the fire suppression system capabilities you need for the safety of human life and your property.

Fires often occur in restaurants, industrial settings, and in off-road vehicles. It is important to have the proper fire suppression systems in place to effectively combat a fire should one occur at your business.

Restaurant Fire Suppression

Fire suppression solutions are available to restaurant owners for the protection of staff and patrons from potential fire in the kitchen, including in hoods, ducts, plenums, and cooking equipment. The various fire suppression solutions available include fuel supply cutoff, reliable alarm activation, fast detection, and wet chemical discharge.

Industrial Fire Suppression

When an industrial fire occurs, loss of human life, equipment, and productivity are all possible. An automatic fire suppression system can help deter or reduce the power and scope of these fires, and the potential damage that can occur. Class A, B, and C hazardous fires can be combated effectively with dry chemical fire suppressant through a total flooding or directed discharge application.

Off-Road Vehicle Fire Suppression

Off-Road Vehicle automatic fire suppression systems have a pre-engineered fixed nozzle configuration that can attack and defeat fires on mobile material handling equipment, such as those used in the transportation, mining, agriculture, construction, and forestry industries. The dry and wet chemical utilized in these systems is able to defend against fire hazards that are electrical, liquid, or solid in nature and protect areas that include hydraulics, operator stations, engines, and transmissions.

This system can be operated automatically with a control detection device, or manually through a dashboard or remote actuator.

Fire Suppression Testing

Based on the system and its specific requirements, fire suppression system testing may be performed on an annual or semiannual basis. The testing process covers various elements including nozzles, fire detection equipment, and chemical or clean agent systems.

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