Where to Go for Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training comes in many forms. It can be as simple as the fire drills you performed in K-12, to advanced firefighter training involving rescue procedures. For aspiring or current Illinois firefighters seeking advanced training, their local station is likely to offer many training courses for fire rescue pursuits. Those seeking more conventional fire safety training for the everyday person should focus on 3 main areas: fire safety in the home, fire safety in the workplace, and how to properly operate a fire extinguisher. Getz Fire offers extensive fire extinguisher training in Illinois, to help equip your employees in the event of a small fire.

Fire Safety Training in the Home

A lot of the fire safety training in the home involves creating your fire safety plan, including escape routes to take. Go beyond just creating the escape routes – practice them! Once you get familiar with all the safe exits in your home, you are likely to feel more confident about fire safety in your home. Additionally, make sure you have a thorough understanding of how your at-home fire alarm system works, and routinely test it to ensure it will properly function in the event of a house fire.

Fire Safety Training in the Office

Most offices will have a fire safety training seminar at least once a year, to review protocol relating to fire escape routes and the location of various fire equipment like sprinklers, alarms, and fire extinguishers. These training seminars should help you gain a thorough understanding of how to safely react in the event of a fire, including all of the easily accessible exits and any designated safe meeting areas outside.

Fire Extinguisher Training

In addition to fire safety seminars, many offices will have fire extinguisher training courses to help train their staff should a small fire occur.  This training is required by OSHA 1910.157 on an annual basis. Getz Fire is one of the top providers of fire extinguisher training in Illinois with the ability to come to your business. We can teach you hands-on techniques to properly fight every class of fire, using the appropriate class of fire extinguisher. This is all part of our commitment to keeping our community safe and equipping everyday citizens with valuable fire safety skills and knowledge.

Keep your family and office safe, and learn how to properly operate a fire extinguisher with our fire extinguisher training services. Getz Fire is proud to serve Peoria, Illinois, and surrounding communities throughout Iowa and Missouri. We supply the very best in fire safety equipment, including specialized fire suppression systems for unique hazards and applications. Give us a call today at 800-747-3473, or learn more about our fire extinguisher training services here!