Which Type of Fire Extinguisher is Popular in Restaurants

Cooking oils and grease produce Class K fires and can only be combated effectively through the use of a Class K fire extinguisher. These are the types of fire extinguishers commonly found in the kitchens of restaurants. It is vital for restaurants to have the proper firefighting equipment in place in order to protect the safety of human life and the property itself. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can help you with your fire protection needs.

The Characteristics of Class K Fires

Class K fires have similar characteristics to Class B fires because they both begin as a result of the combustion of flammable liquids. Class K fires can spread quickly when liquids and materials such as cooking grease, vegetable fats, animal fats, and cooking oils serve as the source of fuel for the fire.

Commercial Kitchen Fires

Restaurant kitchens that engage in commercial or industrial related cooking activities require the presence of Class K fire extinguishers. The material that emanates from these fire extinguishers attacks the grease, quenches the fire, and cools the liquid to prevent a fire restart or re-flash. Typically, these extinguishers are used when a kitchen has a built-in hood suppression system installed.

At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can help you find the right fire extinguishers for your building or commercial kitchen. It’s important to understand that certain fires emanating from oils and fats subject to high cooking temperatures may not be handled sufficiently with a Class B fire extinguisher – these fires will need a Class K fire extinguisher.

It is also recommended to have at least one multi-purpose dry chemical ABC rated fire extinguisher in your commercial kitchen. This type of fire extinguisher may be used to put out certain fires on clothes, electrical outlets, and other building materials.

Also, fire suppression systems should be in place protecting cooking equipment and used prior to the use of a Class K fire extinguisher. As well, the fuel source to all cooking equipment should be turned off prior to the use of a Class K extinguisher.

Our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company can help you gain access to the training your workforce needs in order to properly use Class K fire extinguishers. This training can give your workers and your business the necessary fire protection readiness in the event of a fire emergency.

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