Why Cleaning Your Kitchen Exhaust System Prevents Fire

The exhaust system in cooking areas within any high-traffic establishment can become dirty very quickly. Over time, grease levels can build to the point where a fire can easily ignite, endangering both workers and clients, and causing potentially catastrophic damage to the building itself. Organizing a kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance schedule is vital if you are to reduce the risk of grease fires in the, specifically in areas that you cannot see the buildup.

Do Your Students Cook as Well As Employees?

Do your cooking facility’s employees know all the necessary safety procedures to effectively handle a fire if one occurs? Everyone should know how to use portable fire extinguishers for small fires, as well as evacuation procedures for if a fire gets out of control.

Your workers may be unaware that grease is building up in your exhaust system. You will need to explain why kitchen exhaust cleaning is an important procedure that management must supervise.

Procedures for Training

We can organize training for your employees so that they become fully conversant with the use of proper equipment and continuous cleanliness within your kitchen environment. Learning how to use fire extinguishers is important, particularly knowing which fire extinguisher to pick up when a given emergency occurs.

All people cooking within your facility must quickly learn that the dedication is not only to cooking, but cleaning. Equally, they must learn regular maintenance procedures, and how to organize a program that includes kitchen exhaust cleaning to ensure that the kitchen a clean, safe place to work in.

When your role is to ensure the safety of your employees and client, kitchen exhaust cleaning will become one of your top priorities. We can help you understand what needs to be done, how often and provide all the equipment necessary. Call us today: 800-747-3473.