Why Fire Safety is Important in the Workplace

Do WhileFires can wreak significant damage in many ways, including damaging the lives of people and property. Workplace fires can have devastating consequences including shutting down a business, causing employees to lose their jobs and hurting communities all the same time.Loop

It is vital to maintain a safe workplace using fire prevention and training. At Getz Fire Equipment Company, we can help you ensure the safety of people and property.

Through proper training, fire hazards can be eliminated as well as responded to in an efficient and fast manner if a conflagration does begin. Training can help employees respond quickly to emergencies and quell potential disaster.

Recognizing Fire Hazards

One of the key steps in fire prevention is to recognize the different types of fire hazards that exist. All fires begin at a source of ignition. This occurs when heat contacts fuel combined with oxygen. The key part of preventing a fire is to keep separate the fuel and potential sources of ignition.

Performing a Fire Safety Risk Assessment

fire safety risk assessment can help employers identify what needs to be done in a particular workspace to prevent fires from occurring and to keep people safe when they do occur. An assessment may look at:

  • An emergency fire evacuation plan
  • Firefighting equipment in the facility
  • Available emergency routes and exits
  • Special needs of vulnerable individuals during a fire emergency
  • The removal or secure storage of dangerous substances
  • Implementation of fire detection and warning systems
  • Fire safety training of employees
  • Communication with employees and others on the property

Use of Extinguishers

Many workplaces have portable fire extinguishers on their premises. However, it is important to understand the capabilities of fire extinguishers and how much fire a specific fire extinguisher can handle. Certain fires, such as electric or grease fires, may not be quenched with some fire extinguishers.

The employer and employees in any given workplace are responsible for preventing fires from occurring at that workplace. The results of not implementing proper fire safety in the workplace can be disastrous both in terms of human life, finances, and property loss.

If you need assistance with your fire safety preparation needs, contact our team at Getz Fire Equipment Company for more information.