Why is Fire Safety Training Important?

Fire tragedies can occur when a small, controllable fire turns into a large blaze that takes human life, and damages or destroys a significant amount of property. Regardless of how a fire originates in the workplace, it is important for employees to know exactly what to do when the fire is first recognized so that tragedies can be avoided. Proper fire safety training can help deter the potential devastating consequences of a fire. At Getz Fire Equipment Co., we can help you with your fire safety training needs.

Knowledge to Respond Properly

Fires can create panic and confusion among people threatened by the event. This is only natural, but giving your employees the proper training, skills, as well as situational awareness in how to respond to a fire can help them to avoid panic, and make timely, effective decisions that can potentially save lives.

Fire safety training helps people know exactly what to do next when the threat of a fire is present. When these emergencies occur, unnecessary delays can put the lives of people and the safety of property in jeopardy. However, when people are properly trained to respond to such emergencies, they can detect the signs of the fire quickly and avoid the mistake of failing to respond to these signs.

Fire safety training should be carried out according to a routine training schedule so that the knowledge and skills acquired for proper fire safety responses remain with the individual from year to year.

Learning to Use Fire Fighting Tools

Training for fire safety is important not only to understand how to escape a fire emergency, but also, in appropriate cases, how to combat a fire with firefighting equipment such as a fire extinguisher.

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