Why Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and Fire Systems are so Important

Consider the likely areas a fire could occur. For many of us, the kitchen is one of the first places that come to mind. Commercial-grade restaurant kitchens have the added danger of multiple sources of fire and heat, raising the risk of fire substantially. To manage this heightened fire danger, it is vital to have a restaurant fire system and kitchen exhaust hood system professionally installed and cleaned at regular intervals. Getz Fire specializes in the distribution of fire and safety equipment from industry-leading brands. Our team of design, engineering, and installation specialists can help you build the perfect suppression system based on specific application requirements. We have proudly served Southern Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri with our impressive restaurant fire systems and kitchen exhaust cleaning services for over 58 years. Installing and maintaining these systems is vital for reliable fire safety for years to come. Is your commercial kitchen ready for primetime?

Purpose of a Kitchen Exhaust System

The primary purpose of a kitchen exhaust system is to remove cooking byproducts such as grease, oils, smoke, and heat. Typically placed over every burner, fryer, and oven, these systems work in conjunction with a restaurant fire suppression system to help ventilate smoke and heat, while the chemical fire agent extinguishes the flames. It is important to keep these kitchen exhaust systems clean to help maintain their peak functionality in everyday use, and emergency fire situations.

Restaurant Fire Systems

For both professional chefs and amateurs, accidents can happen. You hope to never burn your food, but if a small fire does occur, you should always be adequately protected. Having a restaurant fire system is a vital component of keeping your customers and staff safe at all times. Installed into or alongside kitchen exhaust hoods, these systems rely on sprayer nozzles to suppress the flames with a wet chemical agent, along with an automatic fuel line shut-off feature and alarm activation. Getz Fire offers top-brands like Ansul, and ensures every system we install meets all local, state, and national codes.

Safety is a long-term investment. Don’t cut corners! Trust the dedicated fire and safety experts at Getz Fire to equip your restaurant with the best system in the business. Ready to get started? Give us a call today at 800-747-3473, or visit our website to learn more or request a free quote.