Why Your Fire Extinguisher Always Needs a Cabinet

There is one simple reason why the purchase of fire extinguisher cabinets is so important for the safety of your employees and visitors; they keep the fire extinguisher in an exact position so it is always available for use. Should the time arrive and a small fire needs putting out before you lose control, having the correct fire extinguisher available can make all the difference.

Why Use a Cabinet?

Some organizations choose to fix their fire extinguishers direct to the wall while others let them sit on the floor. Many are positioned out of place and will take some hunting down just as the fire begins.

By selecting from a range of fire extinguisher cabinets, you ensure that the extinguisher is always available.

You can choose from a range of fire extinguisher cabinets that are made from metal, wood or plastic. The old traditional fire cabinets were covered by a sheet of glass so that in the event of an emergency, the user could just break the glass to remove the extinguisher. This was intended to stop people removing the extinguisher easily and therefore make become unavailable just when it is needed most. Today most cabinets have a plastic sheet to break.

Some cabinets are protected from a range of chemicals as well as the sun’s UV rays. Most are even resistant to both corrosion and rusting. Your cabinet must be strong enough to cope with the size of the extinguisher you are going to install. You can mount cabinets on the wall, in vehicles and in many other areas.

Your choices will be made easier by explaining to us what your specific needs are and the types of fire extinguishers you are protecting. We offer a wide range of fire extinguisher cabinets that are designed for all purposes guaranteeing that we will have the cabinet just right for you and your needs. Just tell us where you intend to use your fire extinguishers and we will be able to match the cabinet to your requirements.