Vehicle & Industrial Systems


Vehicle Fire Suppression

Vehicle fire suppression systems are pre-engineered fixed nozzle systems designed for installation to mobile materials handling equipment commonly used in agriculture, construction, mining, forestry, and other industries including transportation. The dry chemical is applicable to protect Class A (solids), Class B (liquids), and Class C (electrical) fire hazards, and is directed at the key hazard areas including the engine, transmission, hydraulics, and operator station.




Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

The system can be discharged manually by either a dashboard, remote actuator, or automatically using detection and control devices. Getz Fire Equipment has over 35 years experience in the installation and service of vehicle fire suppression systems in Iowa, Illinois, or Missouri.



Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Each year millions of dollars are lost in equipment, facilities, and productivity. Fire suppression systems can prevent or reduce the severity of the majority of these fires. Our systems are an automatic and/or manually actuated system, pre-engineered to provide dry chemical fire suppressant to either Class A, B, or C hazards by total flooding or directed discharge.

Industrial Systems

Typical applications:

  • Automotive spray booth
  • Dip tanks
  • Flammable liquid storage
  • Industrial spray booth
  • Ovens
  • Mixing stations